The law firm of Howard Dasher III, LLC is proud to serve the people of Valdosta, Georgia and the surrounding counties in the following practice areas:

Residential Real Estate: Buying, selling or refinancing a house is a major decision. You need a qualified and experienced real estate lawyer to represent you every step of the way. From assisting with the negotiation of the agreement to drafting the contract and performing the title examination all the way through closing. The law office of Howard Dasher III, LLC can help you with any aspect of your residential real estate needs.

Commercial Real Estate: Buying or selling a shopping center or warehouse is usually more complex than buying or selling a home. Howard Dasher can assist you with every step from the initial negotiations, drafting the agreement, all the way through closing.

Corporate Law: Looking to start a business or buy an existing business? We can consult with you on your business plan, tax considerations and which choice of entity (LLC, LLP, Corporation) best fits your situation, assisting you with every step from formation to acquisition.

Landlord and Tenant Law: Whether you are a landlord or tenant, it is important to know your rights and remedies under Georgia Law. The law firm of Howard Dasher III, LLC can inform you of your rights so you can protect yourself or your property.

Creditors Rights: Howard has represented lenders throughout Georgia in matters dealing with real estate, lien perfection and priority, foreclosures, collections, dispossessory, and secured transactions. We will help protect your investment.

Civil Litigation: Howard has represented clients in civil matters throughout Georgia. If you need a legal opinion regarding a potential lawsuit, give the law office of Howard Dasher III, LLC a call.

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